Vajrayogini Dancing (Downloadable Photo)

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Vajrayogini is a major Deity in the Kagyu lineage who was introduced into the lineage by Naropa. Vajrayogini has since been adopted into other lineages and is often depicted in several different poses. This particular posture shows Vajrayogini red in color with flames around her showing that she is a wrathful deity. In peaceful pratices one concentrates on arousing love and compassion and in wrathful practices one concentrates on cutting of all the negative influences in our mind and obstacles to our practice.

She is naked representing that she is free from conceptions and has one face with a third eye which can see past, present, and future. In her left hand is a chopping knife representing cutting confusion and in the right hand is a skull cup filled with blood representing clear consciousness. She has a staff with three heads which represents her consort who is Chakrasamvara. She is dancing on a worldly deity. In her crown are five skulls representing the five paths and her ornaments are 50 heads in a necklace around her neck representing the purity of speech (there are 50 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet).

This photo is of high quality (300dpi) and copyright free. You may download either the smaller 4 by 6 inch or the larger 8 inch by 10 inch photo for $ 0.50.


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