Amitabha Buddha (Downloadable Picture)

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Amitabha is one of the five Wisdom Buddhas and is located in madalas in the west and is red in color. He resides in Sukhavati (Tib. Dewachen) and sits in the full-lotus with his hands in the meditation position and sometimes has his left hand holding a begging bowl.

He belongs to the lotus (padma) family and Chenrezig and White Tara have a small Amitabha in their crown to signify that they belong to the Amitabha family. He represents the element of fire and it is this fire which burns the klesha of attachment.

Amitabha in his great compassion made a special pact in which ordinary persons who have kept Amitabha in their prayers and thoughts could enter his pure land and thus study and practice the Dharma in very favorable circumstances.

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