Machig Labdrön (Downloadable Photo)

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Machig Labdrön is one of Tibet's most famous practitioners who introduced the practice of Chod (cutting off) practice to cut one's attachement a one's body and self. It is said that this practice was one of very few Buddhist practices that orginated in Tibet and actually then went to India. To cut one's ego this practice involves the visualization of one's self and then cutting one's body up and feeding it to demons. 

This is a photo of a Tibetan thangka which shows her dancing with a dharmau in her right hand and a cup of amrita in her left hand.

This set includes a 4 by 6 inch and a 8 by 10 inch photo for the price of only $ 2.00 with free shipping.  The image is copyright free.

In the download section of this website, a PDF of this painting is avalable for $ 0.50. The photo is copyright free.

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