Twenty-one Taras (Downloadable Photo)

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Tara is femine deity which originated in India and was adopted by the Tibetans and is very popular because she is a protector. Traditonally , Tara protects one from the dangers faced in earlier times such as being drowned in a ship, being imprisioned, being bitten by.snake and so on. But Tara is actually a protector of all kinds of harm. One can ask for Tara's help for oneself and all others for any mental or physical problem that one has encountered.

The Practice section of this website has the White Tara practice. 

Green Tara practice is much longer and contains 21 different verses explaining the 21 aspects of Tara.

This picture shows Green Tara in the middle in the posture of giving and she is sitting on a lotus. Surrounding here are the 21 smaller Taras who are in different colors, having the basic same pose but with some holding a white lotus and others a blue lotus.

This photo is of high quality (300dpi) and copyright free. You may download either the smaller 4 by 6 inch or the larger 8 inch by 10 inch photo for $ 0.50.

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