Tara: The Feminine Devine by Bokar Rinpoche


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Tara is one of most loved femine deities in India and Tibet. Tara like a good mother main purpose is to provide protection for those who need it. Tara came out of a tear of compassion of Chenrezig and provides protection from things such as poisonous snakes (a serious problem in India and other Buddhist countries), being falsly locked up or confined, drowning at sea thieves, and demons. 

There are two major Tara practices: White Tara and the 21 Green Taras. The Practice Materials section carries both these practices.

This particular book of 178 pages by Bokar Rinpoche gives an extensive explanation of both White Tara and why they are important in Vajrayana practices. He goes into amazing detail for over 65 pages helping the reader understand the meaning of Tara.

Then for the rest of the book Bokar Rinpoche gives a detail study of the Green Tara practice. Then he gives the Green Tara practices verse by verse giving the which includes both the original Tibetan text and then the English translation of that text and then a explanation of what the verse means, what is visualized during the practice and what it means.

Then Bokar Rinpoche has a whole chapter on Buddhism and women. Finally, he presents line drawing of each of the 21 taras and explained the qualities of that Tara, the mudras, and implements.

In short, this is an incredible book that gives the reader everything needed to understand and do the Green Tara practice. Of course, it is highly recommended that one learn the practice from someone who has done it and if, if possible, to receive the empowerment.


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