The Two Truths by Khenpo Tsultrim (PDF)


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One of the foundations of the second and third turning of the Wheel of Dharma is the two truths. These are the two realities that we experience.

The first truth or reality is the conventional reality in which all appearances in this world appear to us as solid and real. This is the reality of samsara and these appearances that we are attracted to or are repelled by make up a great deal of our life. However, these appearances or in fact unsubstantical or "empty" and as a result cause us a great deal of suffering.

The second truth or reality is phenomena as they truely are which is empty and luminous. This is the reality that is partially perceived by realized individuals who have entered into the first bodhisattva level. As one progressed along these levels one understand Ultimate reality or Ultimate truth better and better until fully enlightened.

In this book Khenpo Tsultrim explores these two realities from the standpoint of six different schools of Buddhism in this 92 page book.

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