Tibetan Medicine On Birth, Life and Death by Namkhai Norbu (PDF)

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This is quite a remarkable book by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in which it elucidates the foundation of Tibetan Medicine. This is the only book we carry on this topic.

In the first chapter he gives and then describes the five types of humours, giving the locations, functions, and characteristics of the five types of wind (tib. lung), five types of bile, and the five types of phlegm.

He then in the birth section of the book devotes a detailed explanation on the Tibetan medicine or birth including stages of the foetus, the constituents of the child's body, how the mothers diet and behavior affect the foetus.

Then in the life section of this book Namkai Norbu Rinpoche discusses the vast topic of basically health and illnesses from the Tibetan perspective including the inbalances of behavior and diet including a large section on food and how our mind affects our body.

Finally in the Death section of the book he describes the process of dying, the process of going through the bardo after death and the choosing of a good rebirth.

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