Interbeing: The 14 Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hanh PDF

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Thich Nhat Hanh was born in Vietnam and is one of the best known Zen Buddhist around the world for his very practical advice on how to live one's life fully and how to deal with one's many problems in Samsara. Unfortunately we passed away quite recently so we thought we could offer a few of his books as PDFs for free.

The title of this book, Interbeing, is actually the name that Thich Nhat Hang gave to an order of three monks and three nuns in Vietnam on the eve of the Vietnam war. He developed his 14 Mindfulness trainings for his monastery. These 14 mindfulness trainingcovered being mindful to be compassionate, in what one eats and how one eats, working with anger rather than trying to supress it, in breathing excericses, how to communicate peacefully, and may other daily activities. These were then expanded to Thich Nhat Hang's centers as diverse as France, Germany, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong.

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