Pure Appearance by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (PDF)

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Full Title: Pure Appearance: The Development and completion Stages in the Vajrayana Practice.

This book includes Rinpoche's teachings on the Four Empowerments, the samadhis of suchness, emptiness, and dharmakaya of the creation stage. For the completion stage Rinpoche discusses the three bardos: the Bardo of Life, the Bardo of the point of Dying, and the Bardo of the Dharmata as completion stage practice. He thing discusses the Bardo of Dreaming, and The Bardo of Meditation to develop ones practice of Shamatha, mindfulness and awareness. Finally Kyentse Rinpoche discusses the use of binding forces in Deity and mantra recitation.

This is an amazing set of teachings.

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