No Time To Lose by Pema Chodron (PDF)

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Pema Chödrön is one of the three best selling Buddhist teachers. She has the amazing ability to take problems and concerns that we ordinary people all have and to show us how to get through this using the wisdom of Buddhism.

 This book is based on the famous THE WAY OF THE BODHISATTVA was composed in India over twelve centuries ago, yet it remains remarkably relevant for our times. This classic text, written by the Indian sage Shantideva, gives surprisingly up-to-date instructions for people like you and me to live sanely and openheartedly, even in a very troubled world. It is the essential guidebook for fledgling bodhisattvas, those spiritual warriors who long to alleviate suffering, their own and that of others. Thus it belongs to the mahayana, the school of Buddhism that emphasizes all-inclusive compassion and the cultivation of our flexible, unbiased wisdom mind.

This text is the "bible" on how to conduct yourself as a Buddhist and we offer it as a free PDF.


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