Mountain Doctrine translated by Hopkins (PDF)

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Thrangu Rinpoche was introduced to the Shentong view on meditation at an early age and has since then has taught the Shentong view many times. His latest book on Shentong is on Dolpopa who basically founded this important veiw. 

In this section of the website called Dharma Topics, we present 20 PDFs of books on this topic out of the 40 PDFs we have. 

There are two translations of Dolpopa's Mountain Dharma. This one by Jeffrey Hopkins is incredible long, very poorly organized with boxes everywhere, his own invented language which makes Dolpopa hard to understand because most translators don't use it. 

For Thrangu Rinpoche's Dolpopa's Mountain Dharma: The Birth of Shentong we included some quotations from Ives Waldo's translation because his translation was better researched and he used well-known English words for Dolopa's Tibetan and also included the Tibetan spelling so researchers would know precisely what Dolpopa was saying.

I would recomend using Waldo's translation called Mountain Dharma.

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