Mountain Dharma Translated by Waldo (PDF)

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Thrangu Rinpoche was introduced to the Shentong view on meditation at an early age and has since then has taught the Shentong view many times. His latest book on Shentong is on Dolpopa who basically founded this important veiw. 

In this section of the website called Dharma Topics, we present 20 PDFs of books on this topic out of the 40 PDFs we have. 

There are two different translations of the Tibetan Mountain Dharma by Dolpopa which runs several hundred pages long.

This translation by Ives Waldo is the best because he used a text of Mountain Dharma which included a thorough annotation of dolpopa's work by Dolpopa himself. Not only that but Waldo kept the original Mountain Dharma in black in and added the annotations (which were often in the middle of sentences) in blue. Not only that, but Waldo included a set of footnotes which included the Tibetan spelling of many of the key words so check the translation. Printing a book in several colors is very expensive so Ives Waldo has kept the book in PDF form (which has the colors) and made it available to everyone for free.

In Thrangu Rinpoche's Dolpopa's Mountain Dharma, about 50 quotations from the original text came from this translation.

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