The Mirror of Mindfulness by Natsok Rangdrol (PDF)

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The Mirror of Mindfulness by Natsok Rangdrol

This is the main book that Thrangu Rinpoche used as an outline for his major teaching on the Bardo.

T H E MOST LEARNED TSELE PEMA LEGDRUB was the body-emanation of the great translator Vairochana, and he attained the pinnacle of learning and accomplishment of the masters of the Land of Snow. Also known as Kongpo Gotsang Natsok Rangdrol, he was unmatched in his three qualities ofscholarship, virtue, and noble-mindedness.

Among the five volumes of his collected works, I con- sidered that this explanation of the bardos would benefit everyone interested in the dharma. The words are clear and easy to understand, and lengthy scholarly expositions are not emphasized. This text, easy to comprehend and containing all the key points and very direct instructions, results from following the oral advice of a qualified master.

In order to help the foreigners who are presently inter- ested in the dharma to gain true confidence, I, old Dilgo Khyentse, encouraged my disciple Erik Perna Kunsang to translate this book into English. Therefore, may everyone trust in this.      -- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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