Rainbow Body and Resurrection by Tiso (PDF)

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Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material body and the case of Khenpo Acho by Francis Tiso.

The Rainbow body in which the body of a high practitioner dissolves into space at death is the highest spiritual achievment.


“Francis Tiso has written an astonishing work of broad and deep scholarship that blends a personal spiritual journey, erudition, and on-the-ground interviews with witnesses of the rainbow body to reveal a conversation that began long ago in Central Asia about postmortem transformations of the body in a variety of religious traditions. He has delved deeply into esoteric texts and carefully reviewed recent scholarship to present a detailed history and explanation of practices leading to the attainment of the rainbow body as well as the doctrine of the resurrection in Christianity. General readers and scholars alike will find much of interest in [this book].”


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