Buddha (Golden) Touching the Earth (Picture for purchase)


He is shown in the traditional pose of touching the ground with his right hand and holding his begging bowl in his left hand. When the was asked if he had reached enlightenment, he touched the ground and said "I have as the earth is my witness." He wears the traditional clothes of a monk which are sewn squares of cloth. The buddha rests on a moon disk and lotus throne with the lotus growing out of the water and representing enlightenment. He is gold the color he and his aura is said to be.

The Buddha is pictured as gold, holding his begging bowl in the left hand and touching the earth on the right. He is on a white moon disk and this is on a throne of lotus representing enlightenment, and the lotus is rising out of the waters. The Buddha was said to have a golden aura emanating from him which is why his body is golden. He is accompanied by his two closest disciples Shariputra and Maudgalyayana.
This is a photo of a beautiful thangka is not copyrighted and has exquisite detail (click on the enlargement). Included in this 8 by 10 inches photo is also a 4 by 6 inch photo since many practitioners like to keep a smaller photo with the practice materials.

This set includes a 8 x 10 inch high quality picture (300 dpi)and a smaller 4 x 6 inch photo with free postage for $ 2.00.

You can also download this image from this website for $ 0.50.

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