Guru Rinpoche with 8 Manifestations (Photo for purchase)


Guru Rinpoche (Skt. Padmasambhava) is considered the second Buddha in Tibet introduced Buddhist practice to Tibet. Guru Rinpoche had to subdue many of the local deities who were resisting conversion to Buddhism and there for is depicted as a magician with a staff with the three heads representing the disturbing emotions of Attachment, Aggression, and Ignorance.

Guru Rinpoche is shown here with his right hand in the position of subduing. On the right and left are his two wives--Mandarava who came with him from Urgyen (Swat Valley of Pakistan) and the famous Yeshe Tsogyal who helped him spread the Dharma by placing terma all over Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. Furthest on top is his family represented by the Buddha Amitabha who has Chenrezig also of the Amitabha family. At the bottom are the two main wrathful protectors bathed in fire of the Konchog Chidu practice

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