White Tara Alone (Picture for purchase)


Tara is connected closely to protection. Often Tibetans will prayer to Tara to protect them from violence, unjust incarceration, dangerous animals which are much more common in India, drowning in an ocean and so on. There are actually 21 taras each with a different color, family, and type of protection. 

The White Tara practice is one of connecting with Tara and then visualizing helping all sentiet beings, especially for giving long life. Thrangu Rinpoche and Khenpo Karthar and others have extended their lives by doing extensive White Tara practice.

White Tara's right hand is entended in the offering mudra and a blue lotus flower is in the left. Here she sits on a lotus throne a white moon disk in the full lotus position. She has eyes on the palms of here hands and feet and in her head showing that she is constantly looking on sentient beings to help them.

This set includes a 8 x 10 inch and a 4 x 6 inch high quality photo (300dpi) and free postage for $ 2.00.

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