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Developing Wisdom and Compassion

It is said that the path to enlightenment is a path of developing two major abilities. The first ability is the development of Wisdom in which we must examine our life and behavior and see what it is that is hindering us from suffering in Samsara and hindering us to obtaining complete and permanent a happiness. The second ability to achieving permanent happiness or enlightenment is the development of a completely unbiased and pure overwhelming compassion for others. This compassion is not directed towards our family or friends or people we agree with and like, but towards everyone.

Thrangu Rinpoche teaches the way these two great abilities are achieved is to begin with Tranquility (Shamatha) meditation in which we calm our mind down enough to be able to see what it is doing and how our mind is what is keeping us from being truly happy.

After describing this process Rinpoche discusses why compassion is so important and provides instructions for generating and maintaining loving-kindness and compassion through the practice of Sending and Receiving.

These teachings are in four talks which provide five and a half hours of unedited teaching which were given in Rhode Island and translated by Peter Roberts.

This set of 4 teachings on VIDEO each about an hour long and has Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings in Tibetan, a translator translating and questions and answers from the audiance.

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