Amulet of Mahamudra--Two commentaries by Thrangu Rinpoche

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 The Amulet of Mahamudra is an engaging teaching by Thrangu Rinpoche based on two Mahamudra texts that are not commonly taught.

The first text called the Amulet of Mahamudra which was taught by the 13th century Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo who was also known for building over 100 iron bridges in Tibet beside also being a great Buddhist teacher.

Several hundred years later the great Jonang teacher Taranatha wrote a commentary on this text which he also called Amulet of Mahamudra. Both of these texts are part of the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. 

This teaching was translated by David Karma Choephel. Unfortunately, the camera that captured David's translation, but not Thrangu Rinpoche's teaching produced a poor quality image.

This set of 12 teachings on VIDEO each about an hour long and has Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings in Tibetan, a translator translating and questions and answers from the audiance.

It is available free at:

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