Dolpopa's Mountain Dharma

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Dolpopa was a thirteen century Tibetan practitioner and scholar who is credited with introducing the Shentong view of emptiness into Tibetan Buddhism which until had mainly taken the Rangtong position. Dolpopa built the largest stupa in Tibet and and practiced for many years the Kalachakra in a retreat where he realized that everything (all phenomea) was insubstantial on the relative level, but that on the ultimate  level of reality, there were permanent and everlasting qualaities to emptiness such as buddha nature.

Dolpopa also toured Tibet teaching and debating the scholars of his time and was considered by some to be the "fourth Buddha." He spent time with the Third Karmapa and afterwards the Shentong teachings were included in the Kagye lineage and he spent time with Longchenpa who then included the Shentong teachings into the Nyingma lineage.

To give an idea of the vastness of Doppopa's Mountain Dharma, Jeffrey Hopkins translated this into English in a book that was 400 pages long with over 400 different texts referenced by Dolpopa.

Thrangu Rinpoche was introduced to the Shentong and to Dolpopa at an early age. He, however, never gave a teaching to Western audiences except in a 10 day seminar at Keystone, Colorado. In these teachings he was able to give clear and concise overview of Dolpopa's book with an extensive discussion of why Dolpopa's teachings were important.

Namo Buddha Publications will be publishing these teachings in 2023 in a book along with a large set of reference materials in PDF form.. 


This set of  teachings on VIDEO are each about an hour long and has Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings in Tibetan, a translator translating, and questions from the audience. This way your can fast forward the Tibetan or the English for a better experience.

These and more available free at:

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