Setting up a Daily Practice by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)

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This book is a very good one to begin with because  Bokar Rinpoche has done something I have rarely seen in any other book. It begins when we wake up each day and what our first thought is, then how we expel the residual breath of the night. Then he gives instructions of setting up a simple shrine and a brief thought of Vajrasattva, then taking refuge and raising bodhichitta, then doing a very brief Chenrezig practice. All this takes only a few minutes to do.

Bokar Rinpoche gives a 6 simple mantras we can use in our daily life for certain situations and what we can do when we encounter negative thoughts in our daily life.

This book of 96 pages then gives a 12 picture photo essay showing Bokar Rinpoche doing each of these activities.


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