Meditation Advice to Beginners by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)

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Bokar Rinpoche has written this very good book of 140 pages directed towards students beginning the practice of meditation. In this book he begins with why do we meditate and what are the results of meditation.

He then goes in a very direct way explaining problems which may come up in meditation and how to deal with these. Then he progresses to describing Calm Abiding (or Shamatha meditation which he calls by its Tibetan name Shinay). After one has developed a more focused mind that isn't jumping all over the place, he goes one to explain Insight or Viphashyana meditation (Tibetan Lhatong) which is actually learning to look directly at one's mind. Finally, he goes into Mahamudra which is the practice recommended by His Holiness Karmpa for Western ( and also Asian) students.

Since this is an important book for person's beginning the Buddhist path, we have decided to offer it for FREE.


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