Chenrezig Practice with Guidance (PDF)

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The Chenrezig practice is a very powerful way to develop one's compassion and it has a wonderful tune making it a beautiful and joyful practice. 

This is a practice booklet of the Chenrezig practice. It contains the orginal Tibetan script, the transliteration, and the English translation on the left side of the page. Along it in a box on the right is the instructions to do this practice including what to vistualize, what mudras to use, what music to use (if there is any) and also an explanation of anything mentioned in the practice. In addition to this there is an extensive explanation of the whole practice in the back.

The Chenrezig practice does not require an empowerment, a simple visualization and takes about 20 minutes to do, and has the mantra of OM MANI PEDME HUNG. In many ways this is the best Vajrayana practice to begin with.

With this Practice booklet and the audio MP3 of the practice found in this section of the website, one can begin practice. 

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