Heart Sutra by Taranatha--Shentong view (YouTube)

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Taranatha's commentary on The Heart Sutra

Crestone 2006

This teaching on the Heart Sutra by Thrangu Rinpoche is based on Taranatha's commentary. Taranatha (1575-1634) was a remarkable scholar and lama of the Jonang School of Buddhism. Thrangu Rinpoche's teaching presents a detailed and profound line-by-line explanation of the Heart Sutra, including an extensive explanation of the Five Aggregates and a presentation of Ground Transcendent Full Knowledge on the basis of the Eight Profundities (emptiness, no characteristics, unborn, unceasing, no stain, no freedom, no decrease, and no increase). Rinpoche explains Path Transcendent Full Knowledge (Prajna) by presenting Six Ways of Being Skillful (skill in the aggregates, sense bases, elements, interdependence, truth, and what is possible and not possible). Rinpoche concludes by explaining how the sutra teaches Fruition and Textual Transcendent Full Knowledge. Rinpoche also explains the importance of understanding bot the Rangtong and Shentong view and identifies the five sections of the Heart Sutra that teach the Shentong view of emptiness.

Translated by David Karma Choephel in Crestone, CO, in 2006.


This set of 14 teachings on VIDEO each about an hour long and has Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings in Tibetan, a translator translating and questions and answers from the audiance.

It is available free at http://youtube.com/NamoBuddhaPublications.

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