Distinguishing Consciousness from Wisdom (Book)


The entire path of Buddhism can be characterized as a quest for understanding the mind. Thrangu Rinpoche often quotes verses from this book to explain how the mind functions. This commentary by Rinpoche is a commentary on a treatise by the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje called Distinguishing Consciousness from Wisdom.

In this book Rangjung Dorje describes the difference between the true nature of the mind and the constant flow of thoughts, feelings, and ideas we have in our mind. He then describes the eight consciousnesses (five sensory consciousnesses, the sixth mental consciousness, the seventh afflicted consciousnes, and eigth alaya store-house consciousness) are transcended and  transformed into the five Buddha wisdoms at enlightenment. 

Thrangu Rinpoche then gives a extensive verse by verse explanation of these verses which is a virtual textbook of Buddhist psychology by an authentic teacher of a lineage that continues to be alive today and describes how this understanding effects the meditation of the practitioner.

“An illuminating text which provides the ‘missing link’ between Yogacara philosophy and Mahamudra practice, demonstrating how practitioners can transform their confusion and emotional obscurations into wisdom.

Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche has lucidly and generously provided a commentary which will deepen your understanding and enliven your practice. A must for all practitioners of Vajrayana!”   Judith Simmer-Brown

This book of 142 pages is a new Third Edition of this popular book and has updated some terminology and includes an additional new chapter by Rinpoche. It contains extensive notes, a glossary, a glossary of Tibetan terms, a bibliography, and index.

An exact copy of this book as a PDF is available for $ 1.25 in the PDF section of this website.

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