Profound Buddhism: Hinayana to Vajrayana By Kalu Rinpoche


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There are three major sets of teachings in Buddhism which were taught by the Buddha at three different times. These are usually called the three vehicles of Buddhism.

The first vehicle was the Foundation teachings which were based on the words of the Buddha that were recorded during his lifetime and then written down around 300 BCE mainly in the Pali. The Four Noble Truths is the most widely known of these teachings.

The second vehicle, the Mahayana teachings, were received around 100 CE in India in the form of the Prajanaparamita which taught mainly the concept of emptiness and the bodhisattva path. Nagarjuna was a major founder of this MIddle Way path and these teachings were written down in Sanskrit.

The vehcile, were developed in about the fourth century CE with the major proponent being Asanga whc received the Five Treatises of Maitreya. These teachings were mainly on relative and ultimate reality, luminous clarity, and buddha nature. 

In this book Kalu Rinpoche gives a very careful overview  and explanation of the major Buddhist concepts of the the turnings of the Wheel of Dharma--the Foundation Path, the Mayayana Path and the Vajrayana Path.


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