Groundless Paths by Brunnholzl (PDF)

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The Maitreya Buddha is the author of the Five Treatises of Maitreya which are widely known. He transmitted them in India to Asanga in the Fourth Century. The Ornament of Clear Realization was one of these treatises which summarized the vast Mahayana teachings on the topic of emptiness which are treated in the Perfection of Wisdom sutras (the Prajnaparameta) on the topic of emptiness. The Ornament of Clear Realization is studied extensively and has summarized these vast teachings in 70 topics. The Ornament of Clear Realization does not teach emptiness directly, but teaches it indirectly using a complehensive study of the Five Paths and the Ten Bodhisattva levels. The Ornament of Clear Realization by Thrangu Rinpoche includes the verses of the root text and an insightful explanation of the meaning of this text for the practitioner in 203 pages. This is a second edition of this text and this revised text has simplified some of the terminology to make it more readable and it has codified the 70 topic so the reader always knows what root text and topic is being discussed.

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